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The airship is constructed from fabricated steel while including many unusual vintage items. For example; aviation instruments, WWII aircraft oxygen tank, fan base and cage, log splitter bicycle light, jet ski prop, cherry pit remover. farm implement and fishing net floats, to name a few.

The figure structure is comprised of welded bicycle crank sets. The face is cast bronze. Parts also used include wrenches, elements of surgical tools, springs and other bicycle components. The support base is constructed steel.. Surface treated with a dark patina and wax finish.


Sculptures by Lewis Tardy are one-of-a-kind pieces. Primary materials used are vintage, antique, scrap, re-purposed or discarded in nature. Corroded, blemished or oxidized metal provide texture, color and character that are sought after and intentional elements incorporated in my work. Natural patina’s and flaws are also noticed and creatively accepted in the final result. New, manufactured finishes and perfection should not be expected in this work.


  • 52" tall x 60" wide x 40" depth.

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