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Bringing an inanimate to life necessarily derives from a tendency to deconstruct, assessing function and relation, to cull life from objects otherwise unaware. Lewis Tardy’s sculptures are conglomerates of parts discarded, then rescued, using found materials as an avenue for building characters that test temporal boundaries, and defy certainty. His inquisitiveness is manifest in the work, with philosophy posing as life and welding breathing as art. Others have welded before, but rarely with such precision and vision. From medical halo devices and copper cooling coils, to old camera parts and vacuum tubes, the intense three dimensionality creates a bond between the art and the observer; seemingly asking us inaudible questions about how our bodies work and how our psyche’s behave.  Oddly enough, these creatures communicate personality, so much so that I find myself waiting for one of them to fly off or drive away.


Evan La Ruffa

The Citrus Report


Turbo V.4

24" x 28" x 12"